Being a customer since 2002, I have appreciated using your service for a number of our clients. The service has worked flawlessly and has been a boon to both us and our clients.

thanks for your great service over the years. I've been using LinkAlarm for my "artist's" site since I first put it online in early 2002. I strive for a 100% pass on LinkAlarm and all pages passing HTML 4.01 strict via the W3 Validator site. After many years in IT, I believe in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I am sorry to lose your service; it has me thinking "What am I going to do now..?". I wish more people had seen the advantages of your service, and used it. Very sorry to see you go.

Very sorry to get this news. Thank you for all the support your product gave us.

I hope LinkAlarm doesn't just disappear from the web. That would seem a shame, given how long it's been around, and that some people clearly find it useful.

George, I am so sorry to hear that you are shutting down. I have been using linkalarm for years – it's been a really valuable service.

Thanks for all your help over the years. Link Alarm has been of great value to me, both as a service and as an example of how an online service should be run.

Sorry to hear you are closing this great service, we've used it for my previous company and we liked it.

Really sorry to hear that the LinkAlarm service is closing, it's been so useful! no no no. I need you. Where do I go next?

We're really sorry to hear that, your service has been an invaluable resource in helping me keep my site up to date. Best wishes for the future.

I'm really sorry to hear that Linkalarm is closing. It's been a great service and I've been using it for a long time.

Sorry to hear that. This was a great service.

I'm really sorry to hear from you about the closing of LinkAlarm and I wish you best of luck in your future business. I've been using your service since 2004 and I really liked it since then and recommend it to my friends.

Best of luck. LinkAlarm was a cool service.

I am sorry to see you go. I have used your service for at least the last 10 years, and possibly since your inception. Hope you find a buyer.