We have a New Owner!

Over the past weeks we've been touched by your concerns that LinkAlarm would stop, given we've been providing a reliable, useful service for a decade or so. Many of those correspondents have been with us since the beginning, expressing sadness there's no equivalent to turn to.

Happily, the word got around and thanks to one of our customers we've found a team that has the same attention to detail and customer service that's been our hallmark.

I'd like to introduce you to Stephanie Sullivan, President of AVIA web development and hosting. Stephanie and her company are focused on quality, so I'm confident you'll be pleased with the result of this transition.

AVIA  web development and hosting 

AVIA Web Development and Hosting launched in 1998 with a focus on high-quality, reliable, and secure hosting, a focus that continues successfully today.

LinkAlarm is a great brand and an important Link Check service for website maintainers. AVIA will operate Link Alarm under the same name and the things you know and love about LinkAlarm will not be changing.

Most importantly, LinkAlarm will now have the AVIA team's resources and services available for support and improvements. Many of these improvements will be "under the hood". However, visible enhancements to the service are also planned. Connect with AVIA (mailto:LinkAlarm@aviaweb.com) and share your ideas about how Link Alarm can be enanced to improve your web maintenance workflow and link checking experience.

Thank You!

Thanks again for your continuing support of LinkAlarm. It's wonderful the service will continue with the same values of simplicity, good design and great value for money.


George Bray
Co-Founder and CEO
Link Alarm, Inc
Link Alarm Australia

Stephanie Sullivan, President
AVIA web development and hosting
a division of AVIA Consulting, Inc.