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LinkAlarm is an online web service that scans your entire site testing every link on every page. The link check occurs automatically every week, every month, or as often as you like. Or turn off auto checking to start checks manually whenever you prefer.  

Site Control : Auto Checking

Comprehensive Quality Reports

When link checking is complete you get a link quality report summary email and a comprehensive web report detailing the results from the Link Alarm robot scan of your site.  

Pages with Alarms

Automatic Web-based Service

LinkAlarm is designed to make the link validation, evaluation and the broken link repair process as easy as possible. Our reports are structured tot enhance your workflow. Once the scheduled scan is setup, checking will start automatically and you'll get your link management reports regularly. You don't need to run any software on your server, or your PC.  LinkAlarm is always-on and available wherever you have web access. This hosted service that runs on our farm of checking servers, using our bandwidth and processing power. It works on sites of all sizes, including secure servers and web databases.  

Report Security

Manage the Link Quality of Multiple Sites

A single LinkAlarm account can check links on many sites.  You can setup the individual site reporting so the broken link reports notifications go to individual site developers, managers and clients. You can even set up password-protected access specific to each of your link checked site reports.  

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Your LinkAlarm account includes everything you need to check 100 pages anywhere on the web. To check more pages just credit your account to cover your requirements. The price is only one cent ($US 0.01) per page checked.

Link Alarm Move is Completed

On March the 3rd the Link Alarm service was moved from it's old hardware to a new server with a new operating system. The last reported issue was resolved last Thursday and everything is operating normally. We took great pains to minimize the impact of the move on you - our clients. Effective downtime was minimal and most of the issues that came up were minor or limited in scope.

Now we are positioned to begin the work evolving Link Alarm into a better tool than ever in doing the labor-intensive parts of web site maintenance. If we can make the live of the web developer or maintainer better, then we're doing our job.

Thank you for choosing Link Alarm!

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