Link Alarm Maintenance WIndow Nov 20/21

The Link Alarm reports server will be unavailable for required maintenance starting late afternoon Friday Nov 20th (US Eastern Standard Time). We will be getting Link Alarm back up later that night, but there may be additional related  outages going into Saturday. This maintenance is for stability, compatibility and performance improvements. During maintenance any running […]


Link Alarm gets upgraded “Forbidden File” controls

The site control page that handles forbidden access to web pages has been upgraded. Forbidden Access controls whether robots.txt is obeyed by the Link Alarm robot or bypassed. Previously the Forbidden Access was a simple on/off setting and only affected external pages; outside of the pages within the Checking Limits settings. Pages included in the […]


Link Alarm is moving to new servers!

After much preparation we will be moving the Link Alarm service to a new comptuing platform this weekend, March 2nd and 3rd. This will give us the infrstructure to improve and expand the service moving forward. For now the service will look the same. Most of the changes in this move have been "under the […]


Link Alarm Service Continues

We have a New Owner! Over the past weeks we've been touched by your concerns that LinkAlarm would stop, given we've been providing a reliable, useful service for a decade or so. Many of those correspondents have been with us since the beginning, expressing sadness there's no equivalent to turn to. Happily, the word got […]


What They Said

Being a customer since 2002, I have appreciated using your service for a number of our clients. The service has worked flawlessly and has been a boon to both us and our clients. thanks for your great service over the years. I've been using LinkAlarm for my "artist's" site since I first put it online […]


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Link Alarm Move is Completed

On March the 3rd the Link Alarm service was moved from it's old hardware to a new server with a new operating system. The last reported issue was resolved last Thursday and everything is operating normally. We took great pains to minimize the impact of the move on you - our clients. Effective downtime was minimal and most of the issues that came up were minor or limited in scope.

Now we are positioned to begin the work evolving Link Alarm into a better tool than ever in doing the labor-intensive parts of web site maintenance. If we can make the live of the web developer or maintainer better, then we're doing our job.

Thank you for choosing Link Alarm!

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