Powerful Functions for Busy People

Every LinkAlarm web report contains valuable information for keeping your site in top condition.

  • A list of site pages with link alarms, allowing access to each page with broken links.

  • Broken Links are classified by type of defect, allowing more efficient repair.

  • Separate identification of defective and degraded internal and external links.

  • Identifies email addresses and secure and password protected pages to show where passwords are required.

Alarm Summary

History of Site Quality

  • LinkAlarm provides a score rating for each link check, providing a view of overall site quality analysis over time.

  • Management information and history of previous checks enabling evaluation of an ongoing broken link maintenance program for your site.

History of Site Quality

Find Stale Content

  • Link Alarm can idenfiy and report on ancient pages. This can help with identifying outdated content and recently modified files.

  • Well designed control panels for fast access to program settings.

Find Stale Content

Summary Information for Quick Analysis

  • Summary nformation about your site including number of publicly accessable pages, internal and external links, unique links can help webmasters evaluate a site at a glance

Link Summary

Unique Alarms View

The Alarms View shows the broken links and degraded ones (with redirects) found your page. Bad links are located in context. and LinkAlarm presents the results of your last check (or re-check) embedded in the current online version of your page

Broken Links


Bad Links in Context


Advanced Features

  • Automatic, regular web site link checking – Manual checking as you require

  • Summary by email and interactive report on the web

  • Checks every every page of any site for degraded or broken links

  • Checks for multiple link types: images, PDF files, word files, software programs and many other document types

  • Checks what the public see on your site. No confusion with firewalls and special access privileges

  • Checks framed sites and pages with tables

  • Checks dynamic sites using databases and scripting

  • Checks SSI and ASP based sites

  • Verifies links within FORMs

  • Low impact on your server. We don't hammer your server and those of other sites you have links to.

  • Obeys robots.txt standard for omitting directories and files

  • The control panel lets you setup directories, pages and links to be excluded from link checks

  • Great online reports, with advanced preferences for power users

  • Manage as many reports as you like

  • Reports Link Failures, Link Warnings and Unknown Links

  • Reports Ancient Pages and Recently Modified Pages

  • Reports http, ftp, mailto, gopher and javascript links

  • Reports both internal and external links

  • Reports all the alarms occurring on a page

  • Reports all the pages on which an alarm occurs

  • Reports where banner ads are located

  • Reports where “file://” URLs are located

  • Reports where passwords are required

  • Checks secure (SSL) servers

  • Reports all email addresses encountered

  • Reports inefficient redirections with new destination

  • Reports bad host names and 55 other alarm types

  • Download HTML reports to your computer

  • LinkAlarm Score for monitoring your site over time

  • Link Failure rating for comparative analysis

  • Always online – check your reports from anywhere

  • Password protection on reports if required

  • Works well on all sites up to 250,000 pages

  • Unique Alarms View shows your current page with Alarms from your last check

  • Multiple email addresses for report notification

  • Flexible checking frequency and duration

  • Secure ordering payments online

  • Professional privacy and security policies

  • Nothing to buy, install or configure

  • Free online support

  • Inexpensive – only one cent per page!

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Link Alarm Move is Completed

On March the 3rd the Link Alarm service was moved from it's old hardware to a new server with a new operating system. The last reported issue was resolved last Thursday and everything is operating normally. We took great pains to minimize the impact of the move on you - our clients. Effective downtime was minimal and most of the issues that came up were minor or limited in scope.

Now we are positioned to begin the work evolving Link Alarm into a better tool than ever in doing the labor-intensive parts of web site maintenance. If we can make the live of the web developer or maintainer better, then we're doing our job.

Thank you for choosing Link Alarm!

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