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We love to receive feedback on how were doing.  Since LinkAlarm's launch in 1998 we've paid attention to all the great requests from our customers, and this has helped improve the LinkAlarm over time. 

Now that Link Alarm is under new management we have been working on the infrastructure for the service. Getting ready to begin improvements and enhancements to make our Link Checking service even better. We want to enhance the life of webmasters everywhere and the best way we know is to listen to you are current and potential clients.

Let us know how you would like to see Link Alarm enhanced to improve your web maintenance workflow. Let us know what works well for you now in the battle on degraded and broken links. It's all about you so let us know your thoughts so we can make Link Alarm better.


3 Responses to “Your Comments”

  1. While we've got this fancy new website up and running, we're now looking at updates to your “” administration area and the LinkAlarm report format. If you've got suggestions for improvement please post here.

  2. John says:

    Well, I did have any address, no phone, or no prior email warning that I am aware of that you were making this change. I just thought you went out of business. I'm glad you are back but I have to ask why you did not let people know in advance you were making this change? Did you, and somehow I missed it?

  3. thanks John. We decided that because the checking would continue while the DNS was being moved that we wouldn't bother everyone with an outage notice. Sending out email to 200k people is a real drag and usually causes more problems that it's worth.

    It was just a simple registrar transfer and should have taken only a day or so, but it got mucked up by the hosters. Yes, it went badly and we're sorry for that.

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Link Alarm Is Up For Sale

I'm sorry to report that we'll be closing the LinkAlarm service in early 2022. After 23 years of operation, 11 under current ownership, it's time for this owner move to other opportunities. It's been great with you and wish you every success in the future. You're welcome to continue using your account until we shut down, probably January 2022.

But wait! Maybe you could be the new owner/operator of Link Alarm. We are open to selling Link Alarm assets and virtual machine that runs the checking service. If you depend heavily on Link Alarm perhaps you would would want to purchase an instance for in-house use.

For an entrepreneurial individual there are opportunities to build upon the solid base that Link Alarm provides. Dress-up the user interface and explore other options like selling Link Alarm as a licensed enterprise service, an open source product or a mobile application. Everything is available including the intellectual property, domains and business name, We are entertaining offers. Reach out to me at

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